Top Sexual Kinks During Covid 19

The global virus forced us to stay in lock down and radically change our lifestyles, work, health and sexual practices had to be modified during this crisis.

For Me having to lay my paddles and whips to rest and exchange for long hours of homeschooling my children for nearly three months took a huge psychological and financial impact in my life; after all going to the dungeon is highly therapeutic for Me, but how are kinksters satisfying primal desires during Covid- 19 lock down?

Turns out just like everything else kinsters turn to virtual/ cybersex, a new KinkD survey revealed the top 10 kinks practice virtually during Covid 19, here is the results....

As illustrated in the graph, the top 10 kinks during this pandemic in order are: Virtual sex, Dom/sub, orgasm control, bondage, anal play, age play, foot fetish, role play, Voyeurism and Sadism/ masochism, so tell Me how have you been satisfying your kink during this lock down?


I picked this topic because it is my absolute favorite one, when I started practicing as a Dominatrix four years ago, this is what I wanted to do, it just came so natural to Me, it feel Me with joice and I got this rush every time I humiliated a male, maybe because of my upbringing and the very sadistic way I was treated by my own mother growing up, I consider myself lucky to have found a career that allows Me to practice humiliation in a safe, sane and consensual manner.

Humiliation in BDSM is a very strong aspect of the fetish play. Many submissives crave humiliation, which can be provided in several different forms. A good humiliation Mistress, is usually well versed in a range of BDSM humiliation areas, though generally everyone has their personal favorite. While humiliation can be a standalone fetish, for many it is incorporated into other fetish play.

Small cock humiliation is one of the biggest forms of humiliation in the BDSM scene. It is however far from the only form. Small cock humiliation as the name states, involves a male slave being humiliated either by a male or female dominant regarding the size of his penis. The size of the slave's penis involved in small cock humiliation varies greatly. Some slaves thrive off humiliation regarding their tiny micropenis. Whereas other slaves with a more moderate-sized cock, are satisfied simply by being humiliated for the comparison to a larger more well-endowed male.


Cuckolding is a fetish which involves a submissive man being replaced, usually temporarily by another man (please note that I DO NOT offer this type of fetish for Pro Domme sessions)

The other man is often referred to as the stud or bull and generally has a much larger penis. The woman involved, usually referred to as the queen, will humiliate her small cocked partner, for not comparing to her bull. Cuckolding, while a fetish of its own, is a very strong theme when it comes to humiliation on the BDSM scene.

Of course, these are not the only forms of humiliation, but without a doubt, they are the most common. Some of those involved in the BDSM scene have stated that many of their fetishes, even including pain play, and sexuality re-programming are strongly dependent on the humiliation factor. For many submissives, their desire to serve goes far beyond simply taking orders or pain infliction. For many, the humiliation experienced at the hands of a strong dominant is exactly what they crave.

Humiliation for a lot of players dates back to a time they can't remember. The exposure and feeling of being vulnerable is something a lot of us relate to as deep emotion.

When someone involves this type of humiliation play in their BDSM kinks, it takes the feelings surrounding it to a whole new level. Humiliation is an experience that when combined with sex, can soon become addicting and a thrill to chase. For many, they have no intention to try to abandon their humiliation kink.

While humiliation is a common theme in the bedroom of most BDSM kinksters, it's important to remember that the differences between couple to couple can vary greatly in the themes of humiliation used and preferred. For some, it's as simple as having a request ignored. For others, it's the thrill of complete humiliation. Being exposed and shown to the world.

While humiliation remains fantasy play for most couples and stays confined to the bedroom, for the more courageous kinksters, humiliation is something which often slips into real-life scenarios. Ever seen a strong woman walking a weak submissive man down the street on a leash? You can be sure she is exerting her power and humiliating him in a way he can't get enough of. For every kinkster out there is beautiful and individual in their own right, be they into humiliation or not.

Boot Worship Fetish

For a true Boot slave there is no greater honor and sexual arousal than to lay on the floor and touch, kiss, sniff and polish boots with their tongue, personally I have a boot fetish of my own I love to wear long shiny patent or soft leather over the knee boots, and I have a small number of privileged submissives who attend to the care and cleaning of my boots.

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Nipples are a wondrous erogenous zone with more than 800 nerve endings, nipple stimulation travels to the brain in the similar way as sensations from the cervix, clitoris, and vagina, nipple stimulation can release the happy hormone, oxytocin in both male and female.

Some people can even have nipplegasms, which is an orgasm from nipple stimulation. No matter your gender, nipple play can be a sensual way to spice up foreplay. I love to treat my submissives and slaves to nipple play/ torture from mild to severe, whether is clothe pins, Japanese clover clamps, suction cups, wax, cane, needles or just bare hands it is always an erotic high for Me to see the squirms and moans I produce on your vulnerable nipples.

I hope all of you stay safe during this very difficult times, I appreciate the support I have received from exciting submissives and slaves tributes, gifts, and session request; I am currently seeing establish subs as well as new willingly subjects, follow my protocol: Apply by website, be prepared to send a deposit and follow my instructions once your appointment has been secured.

I hope you enjoy my writings.....

Mistress awaits your servitude.

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