Taming and training male slaves

It should be no secret that I am highly stimulated by Corporal punishment and humiliation, in my matriarchal world, males go to training schools or Institutions to learn how to serve woman, they'r aspiration is to one day be owned by a Mistress. Males are kept in chastity 24/7, some are allowed to orgasm on Fridays, but they have to pay a financial tribute for that honor is called cumtax.

Man sleep in barns, or bunks, the owned slaves can sleep on the floor at its owners home, maids are trained to learn to clean, prepare meals for Mistress, polish leather, tailor suits, etc.

Spank Therapy by Miss Leah

The main purpose of traditional therapy is to "cure" or change a behavior.

Spanking therapy is a way to produce an emotional release, while resetting your mind, there is nothing I love more than to discipline a boy/girl by means of bare bottom spanking, and OTK.

I am developing a passion for role play; I prefer to embody the figure of the aunt, neighbor, school principal and other authoritarian figures who may have had an impact in your childhood, I feel like role play allows for regression, which can trigger events that you may have experienced in your childhood and relieve them, it happens for Me.

Recently I had a female sub, who came to Me because she had never being disciplined or even spanked as a child, never had any consequences; now as an adult she is self centered, unmotivated, and need it a good attitude adjustment....

I just loved that feeling when the nerves of my bare hand met her skin.....

Naughty old Rax* came to Me for therapy, as he has a rare condition PAS (Pale ass syndrome) as described by him; the symptoms for this are anxiety, impatience, slovenly behavior, and worst of all (and it shocks me to say) occasional smart-assedness and less than perfect conduct when dealing with the Women.

Ned-less to say, Rax* received a two hour long heavy spanking/ paddling therapy, his bottom will be sore until our next therapy session next week....

*Not real name

Dragon Tail Whip Passion

I have recently ordered a new dragon tail whip, it is so beautiful and so vicious, it is by far one of my favorite impact implements, as an extension of my arm, dancing beautifully around you, unpredictable to you, exquisite to the ears; being able to have the control of intensity is a wonderful feeling for Me, I have drawn some blood and shred some tears occasionally, I've never considered tears to be a safe word, I continue.

In the end, a cathartic experience. for both, a new bond, a new challenge....

New Studio in the Westchase area.

I am happy to announce that I have recently acquired my own BDSM studio, it is not as big as my home dungeon "The Cat's Lair' but it is a good start for Me, I have much love and respect to my friend and Mentor Mistress Cat of Houston, who has been my guide and support since I started and as I continue to grow in my journey.

I will continue to learn and work with Mistress Cat, double Domme session's are still available by appointment, and Femocracy meetings will be held in both dungeons accordingly.

The new studio will have a domestic area, St Andrews cross, stockade, bondage post, and a small medical area, I am currently accepting new applicants as well as toys, bdsm gear, electrical and latex gifts.

If you wish to contribute to my studio, you can send Amazon gift cards to mistressleah.femdom@gmail.com or gift certificates to @Westbound latex, @Kinkshop or @thestockroom or shop at @thecuriouscat.us


Every Monday I will be doing "lock ups"

Chastity training is an important part of male training, by controlling your sexual life I will own you, and I will get anything I desire, I will be able to stop your compulsive behavior of touching yourself without permission; you are never allowed to cum without permission.

How strong can you be? how long can you wait? I want to break you!!! Are you up for the challenge?

Sign Up via email to mistressleah.femdom@gmail.com

Chastity training

'I'm sorry to inform you Sir, but you are in fact a sissy. This rare degeneration of the penis is only brought on by the excessive wearing of ladies panties. Have you been wearing panties Sir?'. "Yes nurse, please don't tell my wife, but I've been wearing her knickers!'.

"This isn't a holiday camp bitches! Everyone of you were caught wearing your wife's panties! Which is why they have sent you here to be turned into pathetic little sissies!".

Sissy Training/ domestic discipline

Seeking a maid

I am currently seeking a maid to clean my studio; must be reliable, discreet, and able to serve at least one day of the week, duties will include cleaning, preparing coffee and meals, assist if I have company and play parties planning, experienced/ references preferred but not required.

Interviews will be held Monday through Thursday (meet and greet 150), apply via email mistressleah.femdom@gmail.com

Sissy maid

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