New year, New you!!

Never be ashamed of your desires.

2022 for Me started with COVID 19, but I kicked is ass and now I'm gonna excell, a lot of new plans for this year; I feel like the pandemic has shut down our community but I refuse to let it dye. I will do my best to give you a SAFE space that we can all enjoy as I continue to evolve in my journey, you care to join Me?

Never be ashamed of your desires...

I am kicking off the new year accepting applications for new clients; wether you are a curious newbie or a seasonal player looking for a SAFE space to unleash your deepest desires I am here to guide you in your journey; which is also my journey.

Make no mistake, I am a no-nonsense BDSM provider; I have a couple of years under my belt and I know exactly what I want and what I need in a submissive. I also understand your needs, and value your submission; after all " he who wears the collard has the power" but I am the channel that connects you to your deeper inner self.

My approach is that of a loving yet strict disciplinarian/ dominatrix who will take you deep into the realm of slavery/ submission and bring you back safely.

Those who have encounter Me know that I exceed expectations, this year I will be enphizating (researching) in the connection between childhood trauma, teenage fantazy and the likes, therefore my aplications to submit will be more detailed and my sessions tailored to your unique experience.

As a reminder please know that there will be absolutely no ilegal activities (sex, drugs and ok maybe a litle bit of rock& roll).

Looking forward to a great year.

With much love....

Mistress Leah.

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