Locktober 2019

Chastity is essential in training submissive males and sissy's, and locktober is the perfect month to initiate your training.

As my slave your primary focus is to please Me, and chastity gives Me a great deal of pleasure, once you are locked, I will decide for how long, and when do you get to be released, I enjoy teasing you and making you watch Me fuck my alpha while you are not even able to get an erection, what? Is it painful? even better!!!

Sacrifice your manhood for Me, remember that to receive pleasure you must earn it, chastity is also an imperative tool for #sissytraining

If you are ready to be trained under my watchful eye, submit an application and I will guide you into your new journey as my #chastityslave.

submissive makes trained and kept in chastity
Chastity training

Singaporean and judicial caning practice.

It is no secret that one of my favorite punishing methods is the infliction of corporal punishment, specifically bull whipping and caning.

I recently encounter a very special Asian slave boy, the power exchange between Us was truly a magical thing, he strike to endure the most severe caning for Me, I started warming him up and testing him with six strokes ( rattan cane) which he took very well, almost no reaction; I took him upstairs and tied him to a whipping pole and proceed to stroke him ten times adjusting the intensity, to my amusement there was very little reaction. I continued to strike him several times as his skin begin to become red and bumpy, I tried several different canes, he was gagged and blindfolded.

After 40 minutes of striking him with several canes and adjusting the intensity of the strokes, I proceed to bend him over the spanking horse, and wrap his legs and back with surround wrap for the final strokes, by now his body began to shake with each stroke but no sound came out of his mouth, I could see his arms shake and that made Me so aroused, he kissed my cane and I could feel his devotion already....

To be continued...

Femocracy Houston

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