Humiliated by a Latina Goddess

Ehen in my presence you will crave to be humiliate… and you will enjoy it!

Yhe term humiliation causes confusion even in the D&S communities, although I am a fond practitioner of humiliation and light degradation it is important to a knowledge they are not the same.

I personally love engaging in the subtle practice of personal, psychological and situational embarrassment. The implications of such play are the ultimate power exchange and when used appropriately and fully following the pre-negotiated limits is is a very cathartic experience for Me as a Goddess and for my submissives.

Among the many humiliating activities I most enjoy are scolding and objectifying a subject, exposure, treating one like a child (putting someone in diapers), pet play is delightful,denying of basic human task such as eating, drinking, toilet use, etc.

Personally humiliation was the very first thing that attracted Me to the world of BDSM, it is a truly enjoyable kink for Me, and the personalization of a Goddess adds a power element to it; indeed I am. Latina Goddess and I have the power to make someone crave and enjoy humiliation as much as I do.

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