Gynarchic Slave Trainer

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

I just love to see man in pain; the arousal is inevitable for Me, in the new world of Female supremacy man are kept captive and endure different test including medical research. Pain and depersonalization are the basis of my slave training techniques. Destroy a man’s individuality; fill his heart with fear: that is how to create the best slave man.


Once a man is recluted, it is up to the Mistress owner to transform into whatever she desires, today I introduce to you one particular sissy slave whom I have named Isabella Marie, this is her story in her own words..


Feminized for Mistress Leah

"Bella" .... sounds like such a sweet name ... you imagine a beautiful girl

standing in front of you ...silky brown hair, big blue eyes, inviting lips, perfect teeth, small but cute titties, a petite figure, wearing lingerie and high heels ... sporting a naughty smile that will make you blush .... Yes, that's the name Mistress Leah chose for me (Isa"Bella" Marie) and I loved it in the first instant.

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard the name Bella was the Kristen Stewart's character from Twilight series and boy did she look amazing in that ... I wanted to to be just like her... strong yet sexy...

Mistress Leah asked me to change my name everywhere on my online presence. My gmail account, my twitter profile, everywhere else that I could ... to announce to the world that a new slut was in the house... I gladly agreed and obliged.

Mistress knows that I am new to this but that does not make me naive. I have fantasized about being a sissy slut for last 10 years, just never had the time and courage to do so. Enter Mistress Leah ... She chose the difficult task of turning me into a sissy whore...only she could do it ....

She called me for the initiation to her dungeon ... Upon entering the dungeon, I was asked to strip down all my clothes and sit down in the slave position ... I did ... my cock (henceforth called as "tiny") was getting a bit hard but I remembered why I was there for ...being a sissy, not to flaunt my tiny manhood. 

Mistress asked me kiss her feet (she loves getting them licked too, but that's on my No-List, so she does not insist on that) and I started kissing them like a good slut ... Then she made me wear the clothes that she had got for me ... A cute black maid dress, garter belt, stockings, black gloves, and black shoes with heels ... My first time wearing heels, was super fun ... 

Bella's first time in high heels.

Oh wait ... I almost forgot about the butt plug that she put into my ass (henceforth called as "my pussy") ... cute little thing with a purple heart on the other side, peaking out of my butthole ... must have been a pretty sight for the mistress ... She then asked me to practice walking like a maid slut ... I couldn't control my joy ... "Bella" was indeed born ...

To be continued ...


Relinquish your Orgasm to the female State.

If you have been reading my blog, you all should know that I require my servants, sissy's and slaves to be locked in chastity, a schedule is set, and for those of you who are married mental chastity i also enforced.

The purpose of this is that you recognize your inferiority, to accept that I own your body, and I have power over you.


Humiliation/Objectification/trampling/boot worship

I recently visited my friend Mistress Cat, she had a slave serving her at home, owned slaves are depersonified and used as objects; carpets, shoe shiners and chairs are the most common uses for house slaves.

The dungeon is coming along, I add new toys and fetish gear weekly, until next time bloggers.

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