Discipline and Punishments

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Discipline, punishment and also rewards are tools that I use with my submissives to establish a D/s dynamic.

Growing up, I knew nothing about D/s or BDSM, but I was very familiar with punishments (not many rewards), my mother was a very dominant person, unfortunately very abusive and sadistic. And Me and my dad where always her target. She grow up in a military home, and therefore expected everything to be perfect,impeccable, not a minute late not a hair out of place, shoes shined and clothes ironed and starched, she choose what clothes I wear, what foods I eat and drinks I drink; her rules and nothing else; she was right even when she was wrong. Naturally being dominant was in in my DNA, as well as sadism.

When I started to learn about BDSM I learned the difference between consensual and non- consensual, and about total power exchange and the trust that is necessary in a D/s relationship.

I love to play hardcore, the harder the better, and punishments as well as rewards are inevitable under my presence.

My favorite ways of #Discipline are many; erotic spanking with my bare hand ( a very firm and steady hand), #paddling I prefer wooden paddles or the classic hairbrush it brings Me back to my childhood when my bottom was burning hot and I had to sleep facing down, that was not at all enjoyable for Me as the receiver but it is so thrilling as a top.

#Soap mouth washing is pretty much extremely erotic to Me, #caning and #bullwhipping are like caviar or the finest champagne to Me (specially when there is skin breakage lol) and knowing that my submissives will leave with the marks of a powerful woman, I love the imprints I leave for days, weeks to come.

Femocracy Houston

As per #Femocracy Laws, man are to be kept in #Chastity; orgasms are a privilege that must be earned by servitude or financial tributes.

If you are a #FemocracyHouston member you know what the schedule is.. if you are NOT a member yet, go ahead and sign up via website at www.femocracyhouston.com or contact Me via email mistressleah.femdom@gmail.com.

Orgasm to woman are always allowed and man must perform cleaning duties, cooking, financial and utter submission to the Superior Females.

I am currently looking to expand my team and in need of talented BDSM and kink writers, photographers, video editors and bloggers to contribute to my #blog

to qualify you must submit your first piece via email mistressleah.femdom@gmail.com along with a $50 tribute.

If selected you will be notified via email, and we will discuss your duties as a blog contributor.

I would keep writing but I have to prepare a tree hour torture session so I must go.

Keep safe out in the rain #Houston.

Until next time.

Come see Me this weekend at he dungeon, b4 mother's day :)

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